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We cultivate Exceptional Hemp Genetic Products for your Health, Wellness & Culinary needs

Oak Cliff Cultivators is a family and veteran-owned farm based in Brady, “The heart of Texas.”

We operate a boutique hemp nursery that allows us to cultivate exceptional hemp genetics for our client’s health & wellness and culinary needs.​

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CBG Ice #9

Type: Hybrid, Sativa-leaning

Aroma: Pine/Herbal/Earthy

CBG Ice #9 is a strain that has resin-filled buds with high trichome production. CBG Ice #9 produces a high amount of CBG with little to no production of THC. Our CBG selection was chosen for increased CBG potency and yields, making it ideal for flower production.

"Best Flower in Texas" "Most Ripe" "Final Presentation" "Best Indoor"

Tokyo Joe

Type: Hybrid, Sativa-leaning

Aroma: Musky/Earthy/Gassy

Tokyo Joe is a tall multi-branch plant, producing trichome-packed buds on long colas.  Similar in growth to other Sativa-leaning varieties, such as the Wife. Our Tokyo Joe has 18% CBD. Its terpene profile includes Beta Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Alpha-bisabolol, and Alpha-humulene which include therapeutic value for insomnia, pain, inflammation, anxiety, depressions, seizure, lower blood sugar, and heart disease.

"Highest CBD"

Mandarine Pie

Type: Indica

Aroma: Herbal/Peppery/Citrus

The Mandarine Pie is a stout bushy plant with dense colas and high trichome production. Our Mandarin Pie has a terpene profile that includes Beta Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, and Beta Pinene which includes a therapeutic value for insomnia, pain, inflammation, anxiety, depressions, seizure, lower blood sugar, and heart disease. 

"Most Pungent"

The Wife

Type: Sativa

Aroma: Sour/Sharp

The Wife is known for its stability and as one of the most potent CBD dominant strains, the plant is packed with tall lateral branches and fluffy resinous buds. The Wife is a robust CBD hybrid. It provides soothing physical effects without psychoactivity. The therapeutic value includes but is not limited to nausea, chronic pain, migraines, stress, headaches, inflammation, muscle spasms, and side effects due to Chemo treatments. Relaxation is the Wife’s most potent effect while not making you sleepy as an Indica can. You will feel an overall sense of relaxation while increasing energy, a sense of happiness, and slightly elevated focus. 


All of our products are 100% tested and government complaint. Below you’ll find a link to all the laboratory analysis and results. 

Property Benefits of using CBD & CBG products

Quality isn’t just THC. The Cannabis plant has a history of many medicinal benefits!




Optimal Immune Function

Reduces Pain & Inflammation

Improves Your
Sleep Quality

Neuroprotective Properties

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